Salvador Peramo: among the 20 most innovative breeders of 2019


Salvador Peramo is among the 20 most innovative breeders of 2019, as published by the magazine European Seed in its April 2020 issue. As he himself says, this nomination is "major recognition of my work and dedication to the search for new varieties over more than 25 years." Salvador has been working at Semillas Fitó for more than 32 years, giving him an extensive experience in all aspects of the seed business: sale, breeding, development and production. During his time as a breeder he developed new tomato, eggplant and pepper varieties, many of which have been and still are market leaders today. Peramo's main achievement as a breeder is the development of the F1 variety of eggplant Cristal, which has been a market leader for more than 20 years. This variety was hugely innovative at the time as it was the first eggplant that maintained a bright dark colour throughout the cycle. Furthermore, Cristal has adapted very well to different regions and growing conditions and is very tolerant of cold temperatures, which makes it very suitable for growing in non-heated greenhouses. 

In 2012 Salvador embarked on a new phase as Global Product Manager for Solanaceae and currently works as Global Pepper and Eggplant Coordinator. His mission is to define and lead the pepper and eggplant strategy globally in line with the current and future needs of each target segment.

Salvador emphasizes the global perspective that his job offers him, both professionally and personally. Despite such a long and distinguished career, he is continuously learning. “Over the course of such a long career you experience all sorts of things, but in general my time at Semillas Fitó has been and is being very positive," he concludes.

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